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Screen Installation

We provides expert screen installation services tailored to the unique needs of our clients.
Our team of skilled technicians carefully assesses each project, selecting the most
appropriate display and installation method to ensure optimal performance. We take great
care to install displays quickly and eciently with precision and attention to detail. Our
commitment to exceptional customer support means we are always available to provide
ongoing maintenance and support, ensuring that your display continues to perform at its

Kabuki and Roller Drop

A kabuki drop is commonly used in events such as product launches and live performances 
to provide mystery, surprise, excitement, and focus to the audience. The drop is created by

suspending drapes/curtains on hooks or magnetic clamps that can be released remotely
from offstage. The kabuki can conceal any aspect of an event, including a new product, a live
band, or even a celebrity host. Other elements, such as evocative sound, moving lights,
video projection (2D or 3D), and smoke effects, build to a dramatic finish, resulting in the
kabuki falling.

2D/3D Layout

Event planning is a natural fit for 3D design. However, when it comes to designing stages for
events, 3D design tools are unrivalled. And they aren’t just for large-scale event productions.
Obtaining a 3D perspective assists event planners in designing stages for any event, from a
panel discussion at a tech conference to a wedding band stage. A well-designed stage
maximises the space available and prioritises the comfort and visibility of featured speakers
or performers. With dramatic elements, branded event banners, or bold projections, the
stage should also support the event goal.

Temporary/Permanent Installation

For shows and events, the technical side of theatre necessitates a variety of temporary
electrical installations that will be removed at the end of the production. The entire
entertainment industry is based on temporary installation for a specific task or event. The
theory and practise of providing safe temporary installations will be covered in this unit
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