Change is the only constant. This applies to a great extent to VFX and Events! Whether it is a Corporate event or a Social one, VFX is the new age and if you don’t incorporate this in your events you are lagging behind. At Rudri Pictures we understand this the most and bring to your audience an array of superior quality exclusive VFX services such as Pre-visualization, Rotoscopy, Compositing and Green screen extraction. In recent times where entertainment conglomerates are exponentially outsourcing animation and special effects to India, Rudri Pictures stands apart with its VFX Animation for Events and Shows.

Today, Technology is the primary driver in most of the competent digital entertainment ventures. It would not be wrong to assert that today without technology, there is no entertainment.Ergo, we have carved our separate niche and set out to become the leading visual effects services provider in all of India. Our Integrated Creative Services are designed to give your target audience an unforgettable authentic slice of life. In today’s global world, India is considered as the most sought-after destination for animation and VFX services. It is fueled by cost efficient, world-class services along with affluent workforce and hi-tech animation studios. VFX Animation for Events is a huge, exponentially growing untapped market that can be easily accessed today and has highly skilled services to offer at greatly competitive rates. Rudri pictures is at par with the best in the world especially in animation, VFX, gaming, AR/VR, film production and new media.

VFX in India has seen a massive transformation and Rudri Pictures vows to take it a notch higher. We use VFX in Movies, Television serials, live shows and corporate events such as launching of products and services. Pre-visualisation is the art of manifesting creative ideologies in collaboration with the director, foreseeing and planning the requirements for production. While Rotoscopy, Compositing and Green screen extraction are assets to visualize the elements that have been ideated. For a good reel it is prerogative to streamline these components right from the point of initiation. That is the place where Rudri lays its foundation.

Here comes the exciting part! We are versatile at Live and animated movies both. Rudri is a leading visual effects company that offers additional value to commercials, promos, and TV commercial. We are also greatly competent in VFX for TV serials and movies in India. Choose Rudri Pictures and create a brand image of your company that will stay on your target audience’s mind for year to come.