3D Mapping for Family

The wedding ceremony begins a piece late due to the fact we are fulfilled with many traditions that we observe earlier than the date of marriage. But the big day is the wedding day and it all starts with the arrival of the baraat or with the entry of the groom. To allow the wedding begin, guests eagerly watch for the arrival of the groom.

We all are aware of the bridal entry and understand the one of a kind ways wherein the bride arrives. We all are fond of the bridal entries and loves the manner she arrives with dance on the romantic songs, or together with her mother and father and the use of props together with goggles on her arrival and so forth.

We give super special bridal entry ideas for the entry of the bride. We also do choreography of the dance of bridal. Weddings are for fun, so dance performance by siblings, friends, family are highly essential. Every family member goes crazy to dance in the function. A group dance performance for wedding functions has to be well choreographed to be iconic. Group performances are not remembered for a long time but also captured on the wedding video graphy for further remembrance. While hiring a wedding choreographer is great, you can easily pick up some of the greatest performances from wedding functions and spin them your way.

This is bound to make an amazing bollywood song group dance performance for wedding functions. We provide a variety of entry ideas for the bride and groom with different type of props and also using a lot of themes. We try to understand the needs and plan a best idea which will be the most suitable one.



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