Rudri Pictures was built more than 20 years ago. It was built with the belief that the art of creation is older than the art of destruction. We always try to match with the changing environment and to become dynamic forever. We are very good with understanding the clients requirements.

Everyone loves creativity and we love creativity, so there is no chance for anyone to reject us. In the olden days, dance was just a hobby for the people and nothing more than that. But today, dance became not only a passion but a career for most of the people. India is composed of numerous amazing dancers and also dance groups. In recent years, many dance groups became famous nationally and internationally because of their talent and hard work. Among all of them, our dance troupe is the best one in Mumbai.

There are best dance choreographers in our dance troupe make the group unique in Mumbai among all. Our troupe consists of many members with different forms to make it more attractive. Our dance troupe performs is very well known in Bollywood in Mumbai.

Our dance troupe has performed in many competitions in Bollywood and has won many awards and prizes also. Our dance troupe is the best performer in Mumbai for the Bollywood industry. We have a very successful journey throughout the lifetime of the dance troupe. The dance troupe got it’s the best recognition from the Bollywood industry itself. It is one of the top performer in Mumbai. We used to send your troupe to different reality shows and also to the events to perform the best and make audience entertain. Entertaining audience with utmost satisfaction is our formula. As clients are our king we serve them the best. Cooperation is our policy. We always go hand on hand with the demand of the client without making any type of fault in our performance.

Participating in different functions is our passion. Winning is our ambition. Innovative is our creation. Satisfying is our motivation. Having a deal with Rudri Pictures will never let you down in any place.


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