3D Projection Mapping


The lamp housing is a metal or plastic container that serves as the instrument’s body and
prevents light from spilling in undesirable directions. Except for the lens or opening, it
comprises the entire exterior of the fixture. Specific elements in the housing may be
designed to help reduce heat and increase lamp efficiency. Older instruments were made of
steel or aluminium that had been rolled and machined. Many lighting instruments are now
made of die cast metal since the introduction of the Source Four. Die casting allows for a
single, light-weight body that is less expensive to manufacture and use.


MainStage could be considered a companion app to Logic Pro. It functions similarly and has
a similar user interface. However, the emphasis is on live use rather than features like
recording and editing that are available in a DAW like Logic. There is an editable
“Workspace” instead of a timeline, for example. This enables a user to drag out an object
that serves as a software representation of a hardware controller, such as a button, knob, or
fader, and assign it to a parameter like volume, pan, or even more complex things.
MainStage includes a variety of sampled software instruments (including pianos, guitars,
drum kits, and pads) as well as effects


With one important exception, virtual displays are conceptually similar to regular 2D
displays. Rather than sending its pixels to a physical display or projector via a graphics card,
WATCHOUT makes those pixels available for use within the programme itself. When you
add a virtual display, you get not only a display rectangle in the Stage window, but also a
new media item with the same name as the virtual display in the Media window. In
WATCHOUT, use this media item as any other image media source. This image will show
anything that hits the virtual display on Stage.


Resolume is a live video mixing software package used to deliver high-quality performances
ranging from club VJing to cutting-edge audio visual shows and stadium concerts.
Resolume also supports immersive graphics and projection mapping workflows, as well as
SDI inputs from cameras and other sources.

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